Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"VETS" Portraits of 50 U.S. Veterans


I was born October 21, 1937, the day Mussolini invaded Ethiopia. Since that date I have lived through five major wars and several minor wars that involved the USA. I joined the Naval Air Reserve when I was a junior in High School. This reserve unit was activated in 1961 as a result of the Berlin crisis. I spent a year at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station in California.

This book came about because of a letter to the editor written by a veteran who volunteered at the VA Hospital in Spokane, WA. The thrust of his letter was an appeal for more volunteers. For some time I had wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to the veterans who had made sacrifices in the above mentioned wars. So this letter to the editor triggered the idea for this book.

Since I have been a working artist for most of my life, I decided to do a book of veteran portraits. For several months I’ve been working on this project at the Spokane VA Hospital and have completed 50 of these portraits. Included with each portrait will be a biographical interview of the veteran and in some cases a photo in uniform. Each veteran will be asked to sign a photo release form if they choose to take part in this project.
The title of the book is “Vets”.

John Thamm


Anonymous said...

this is an awsome thing to do. thank you

Snyderzzz said...

Hi John,

This is a great project! When you do you anticipate it being publish and how can folks get a copy?


Jon Snyder